Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation Review


Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite makeup brands on the high street thanks to its sheer volume of products and very good formulas. The fan base they have is amazing too, a point that illustrated the popularity of the brand was when they launched their Conceal and Define Concealer back in January. It became a marker leader overnight and one of those concealers gets snapped up every five seconds around the world. So as expected, the demand for a foundation version was so high and now the wait is finally over and you can now get your hands on the new Conceal and Define Foundation. 

The Conceal and Define foundation is a bigger bottled foundation version of the concealers and it has a Demi-matte full coverage finish with a shade range of 24 colours, so there is a shade out there for all skin tones (one of my favourite things about makeup revolution is that they cater for all skin tones). I love that this foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle as for me, I think it makes it look a little more expensive. Also, I am loving the rose gold accents on this bottle too. The bottle itself holds around 25ml of product so it is just under the standard of 30ml for foundations but you cannot complain for how good it is. The only downside to this packaging is that I am very clumsy person and if you drop this it is going to smash and go everywhere! 

Texture wise, this foundation is so easy to apply as it comes with a huge doe-foot applicator and that makes it really easy to provide better application control and helps not to use too much product and waste it. This foundation is also super easy to blend out with either a brush or a sponge, I prefer using a beauty blender to blend this out as it gives the best and most even coverage in my opinion. The shade that I use is F4 and F5, I prefer to mix the two of them to get my perfect shade but if I have a tan then I can just use F5 on its own as it is a little darker with more neutral undertones. 

Lastly, anyone who is a fan of the concealer in this range will be happy to know that they have relaunched it in a bigger supersized bottle for £7 and you get 13g of product. Thats three times the amount pf product for less than double the price, there is no doubt that these are going to fly off the shelves. 

Overall, I absolutely love this foundation it sits so lovely on the skin even after wearing it all day, it does not go cakey on my skin even in the areas where I normally getting oily during the day. It does wear off my nose a little but I think that is due to me wiping it a lot during the colder weather. I think that fo £9 this is one of the best high street foundations I've tried in a while, even though it is on the pricer side of high street makeup, it is definitely worth it. 

Have you tried the Conceal & Define range yet, if so, let me know what you thought in the comments!

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September Glossy Box Review


My favourite little package arrived the other day and I knew straight away that it was September's GLOSSYBOX!! I mean, who can miss a black box covered in polka dots? If you are new to GLOSSYBOX then let me tell you all about it: it is a monthly beauty subscription box that delivers 5+ deluxe to full-sized beauty and skincare products right to your front door. It costs £10 a month and it is available in the UK, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Sweeden and Norway but the contents in the box all differ. Now, let's jump right in to September 2018 GLOSSYBOX (UK version) 

The September 2018 GLOSSYBOX is themed as 'Back to School' and is 'filled with 6 products that will help you to prep and get organised this September, whether you are heading back to work, university or tackling the dreaded school run'. The contents of the box can sometimes vary, here is the full rundown of what I received this month.

Wet Ones - Be Fresh Antibacterial Wipes
The first item in the box is one that I find very handy even though it is not directly a beauty product as they are not for removing makeup, so I could see why some people would be disappointed after receiving this, however, I am not. This product is very practical and useful to keep in your handbag and whip out whenever you need a wipe. It says that this product cleans 99.9% of bacteria, they are gentle on the skin & have been dermatologically tested, what else could you want/need in a wipe? These retail for £1.19 from Boots.

BeautyPro - Detoxifying Bubbling Mask with Activated Charcoal  
This was one of products that got me most excited about when I opened by box. This is a facial mask that contains charcoal and AHA complex which are both great for cleaning your skin and getting dirt out of those pores. It is perfect for anyone who has acne prone skin and the product is self is dermatologically tested and the brand does not test on animals (yasss). This is great for purifying and soothing the skin from everyday dirt, and the sheet is big enough to fit most face sizes and shapes.
All you have to do is leave the mask on clean skin and sit back and wait for it to bubble up to create a micro massage which works deep into your pores and cleans away blackheads. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash your face with water afterwards. After using this my face felt clean but not dry, and it was also smooth to touch, plus it had a pleasant smell to it too. 
Personally, I love face masks and whenever I get to try a new one out I get so excited. I loved the ingredients in this one too, and it is a full size product that retails for £4.95 on

Bang Beauty - Eyebrow Cream in Auburn 
This eyebrow cream was another product that got me excited in this months box, it comes in a lovely looking box and inside is a nice looking glass pot which is complimented with a tiny angled brush. This packaging throws me off though as the glass pot makes it look like there is so much more product in there then there actually is. 
The brow cream itself works well and it lasts for a while and I like that it comes with its own little brush to apply, even if it isn't the best brush. The brush is soft but almost a little too soft for this type of application. The colour that was sent to me was called Auburn which is a warm light toned brown, however it was too light for me so I am going to gift it to one of my friends.    
This is a full sized product and it retails for £16.80 on

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox 
This is a scalp detox that helps remove impurities that block your hair roots from growing due to build-up of oil. I sometimes suffer with extra oil in my hair and many problems can come from that. This product smells gorgeous and it has a strong, sweet, feminine perfume smell to it, it's gorgeous!! 
You are meant to use this product as a pre-wash treatment on your scalp, 1-2 times a week and it will help to clean and unclog any of those pesky blocked pores that might be causing disruption of hair growth. The one thing I did notice about this is that it does not foam up so you might end up using a lot of until you know that your scalp is clean but you do not have to wait around like you do when you use a hair mask. 
This product is a mini size at 50ml and it retails for £7.37, whereas the full size is 190ml and retails for £28 on

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Lip Liner in Rosewood
This lip liner was the most expensive product in the box and if I am being honest, I have not been the biggest fan of ModelCo products as the ones I have tried have been average and did nothing to blow me away, however, this lip liner, I really liked. 
The pencil is really buttery and slides on to the lips really easily, plus it stays on for a long time. It is a matte lip liner and is good at making your lips look fuller than they are. The colour is a muted pink-red colour that is lovely for everyday wear.
The packaging of this product is lovely too, even though it is hot pink and hurts if you stare at it for too long ha! 
This lip liner is 1.5g and is a full sized product, which again, is cruelty free and retails for £25  at 

Daily Concepts Your Facial Mini Scrubber
The final product in the box I was unable to get a photo of as I got too excited and ripped it open without thinking! However, this is a facial scrubber cloth that is amazing for when you are travelling. It is made using Soy and natural cotton base layer which creates a really rich lather. It is used for cleansing the face and getting rid of any dirt in the pores. It has a cute little pocket that you can put your fingers in and it is also cruelty free, along with most of the other products in the box. After I used it my skin felt so smooth and clean and it definitely exfoliated my skin too!
This was obviously a mini product and it retails for £8.85 from 

Overall, this months box was really good, it is only my third box from them but I have started calling it my little box of happiness. For just £10 a month it is such a bargain!! The products in this months box added up to a total of £64.16, so you definitely get your moneys worth. I would recommend this monthly subscription box to anyone of any age who loves beauty as much as I do!

Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes, if so which ones? Let me know in the comments!

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Garnier Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask | Review


If there is one thing I love the most, it is a nice pamper night with wine, chocolate, a good tv show or film and a face mask! If you have been following my blog for a while now then you would know that I am very much into my skincare and making sure I can get the most out of it. I have been a huge fan of Garnier and their skincare products, I also love their Moisture Bomb and Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks, so when I was in Superdrug a few weeks back I had to pick one of these up to try it out - The Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask. 

The Garnier Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask is a thin, all in one sheet mask that is perfect for all skin types, even if you have very sensitive skin but is mainly targeted towards people who have enlarged pores. The mask itself is infused with serum that has been enriched with Black Algae Extract, LHA and Hyaluronic Acid to make it an ultra hydrating, pore tightening and purifying mask and it has been said to reduce shine which is perfect if you have a more oily skin type. When applying the mask you simply remove it from the packaging - that has serum inside - and pop it on your face, making sure you adjust it to sit correctly and comfortably on your face. Once applied, you can pop your feet up and have a cup of tea and wait 15-20 minutes for it to work its magic. When the mask is on you will notice that the mask is drenched in serum and I actually really enjoy this because once you remove the mask you are left with plenty of serum that you can rub into your face until it has been absorbed and personally, my skin is definitely getting all of the benefits. There is a slight scent to this mask but it is a lovely fresh smell that is not too strong when it's on your face. The mask stays nice and cool on your face which keeps it refreshing and it also doesn't tingle either, which is perfect for me because I have such sensitive skin. 

I got some really good results from using this mask and I have to say I am very impressed. My skin felt super moisturised afterwards and definitely not oily or shiny at all and my skin was really soft and smooth. I have to admit I didn't see a massive difference or improvement in my pores after using this, however, the next day, when applying my makeup I did notice that my pores weren't as visible as they normally are, so I would say that it does tackle those annoying pores. I am a huge fan of this face mask and will definitely be picking up more to keep on hand. They are super easy to apply and they don't slip off or make a huge mess and for just a few pounds in Boots and Superdrug, you cannot go wrong. 


Confessions of A Starbucks Barista


Photo taken by Jordan Elms.

Before I started working at Starbucks, I was in there a lot, nearly every Sunday with my stepsister. I went in that much that during my interview, the manager recognised me. But even as a Starbucks regular, I never really knew what went on behind the scenes. We all interact with our baristas a lot, but not many people really know what it is like to be wearing that green apron. And to be honest, I never truly appreciated the people behind my daily latte until I had to work one of the famous 5:30am opening shifts. Or the numerous times that I have spelt names wrong on cups that customers were planning to Instagram. We have to rock the classic Starbucks uniform during every shift. We have to wear black trousers, black shoes, a black polo with the logo on it and a green apron. This can get really boring so I loved it when we got to wear the red aprons at Christmas time. I have been working at Starbucks for about 6 months now and I thought I would do a little post on some of things that happen behind the scenes and some little confessions you may not know about. 


An Open Letter to My Friends and Family This Valentine's Day


So, today is Valentine's Day and I thought I would write a little post about sharing the love this Valentine's Day, even if you are single or have a significant other. I have never been in a relationship on Valentine's Day and honestly, it's been such a relief. I don't really like it and honestly, it's just a made up day that is over-commercialised for the stores to get more £££. However, I am not trying to rain on anyone else's day, so if you want to enjoy it with your loved ones or partner then please do, I will be celebrating mine with my Mumma. 

Valentine's Day is mainly focused on people who are in relationships, however, the day is all about the people you love, so let's not just limit it to relationships. My family and friends have shown me a lot more love and support over the years than any man has done, so far anyway. So, this is a little post dedicated to my friends and family who have been my rock over the past few years.


Time To Talk - Mental Health


Image result for time to talk

There are too many people who have mental health problems and are made to feel isolated, ashamed or even worthless. Time to Talk Day is a chance for all of us to be more open about our mental health and to talk, listen and change lives. 


New Look Blush Perfume - A Coco Chanel Dupe!


I will be honest, I don't tend to look at the perfumes in high street stores like New Look or Next but I am honestly so happy that I did because I found this little gem. This is from New Look and it is called Blush. First of all let's look at what New Look have to say about this perfume... 
'A delicately fresh, oriental fragrance with a heart of Jasmine and Rose. Combined with a blend of Patchouli and Vetiver to create a scent that embodies the ultimate expression of femininity. A light citrusy, sophisticated fragrance for a sexy captivating woman.'

The thing I love the most about this perfume is that smells exactly like the iconic Coco Chanel Mademoiselle (one of my favourite scents of all time). I love, love, love Mademoiselle as it was my nan's favourite perfume and every time I smelt it, it made me think of her but it is super pricey. With the New Look perfume being so similar, I decided to have a peak at the ingredients of both the fragrances and found that both Blush and Mademoiselle contain base and middle notes of Rose, Jasmine and Vetiver and also Patchouli so that would explain why they smell so similar, is that even legal haha? Another plus is that Blush, surprisingly is an Eau De Parfum, so it contains a higher concentration of perfume oils than an Eau de Toilette which gives it its staying power. I like to think that Blush is the little sister to Mademoiselle. The colour is a subtle pink/blush colour which again, is like the Mademoiselle one. I am partial to my high-end fragrances but this is definitely a perfume that I will be repurchasing over and over again. I am actually tempted to stock up on this just incase it gets discontinued. But, this is such a fab Chanel dupe without the huge price tag attached to it. I like to spray quite a bit of perfume so I do go through it quite quickly and that's where Blush comes in handy, it's so affordable and I won't have to limit how much I use! This is just £8.99 for a 50ml bottle and you can pick it up in store or online here. You can also pick this up in a 100ml bottle or a 10ml handbag sized bottle. 

What is your signature scent?

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