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I got this tag idea from Emily from BeautyBroadcast.Net
And I thought this would be a good idea to do so anyone who is reading this can get to know me a little better. So lets get started!

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
My hair is naturally very curly! So when I leave my hair to dry naturally it goes crazy like a lions mane but with a lot more ringlets haha. It does give me a lot of volume though but my hair is also very thick so it just looks frizzy and that's why I straighten it. 


Benefit Porefessional Primer | Review


Okay, so I know that I'm totally late jumping on to this bandwagon but, I was recently in Brighton and decided to pop into Debenhams and browse the Benefit counter. I had always wanted to try the Porefessional primer from them but I was a little sceptical as I had never tested it out before. The lady at the counter was lovely and showed me the primer and also explained all of the great things this primer does. My mum even ended up buying one and she is quite fussy when it comes to primers! So I thought that since I've been trying this out for a few weeks now that I would review it on here for you guys.


Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette | Review & Swatches


So the beauty world has gone oh so crazy over highlighters and to be honest, I'm okay with it. I wasn't a big highlighter fan when everyone started raving about them but once I found one that suited my skin tone and wasn't too chunky then I fell in love. This current must-have highlighter will not break your bank and also has a shade for pretty much every skin tone. I am talking about the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette.


Makeup Geek Eyeshadows | Review & Swatches


So since I live in the UK it has been so difficult to get hold of certain American makeup brands such as Makeup Geek. However, since the launch of Beauty Bay last November it has been a lot easier to be able to get hold of said makeup. I had only ever heard good things about Makeup Geek eyeshadows and seen a lot of YouTubers use them so I was dying to get my hands on them. This post may be a little long with quite a few pictures so I apologise in advance!

I have only purchased six eyeshadows because I wanted to try them out before I got any more. I also bought an empty Morphe Magnetic 12 Eyeshadow Palette to store these eyeshadows in and it was only £5.50 from Beauty Bay. So lets get started with the review...


Too Faced - Born This Way Foundation | Review & Swatches


 Born This Way is definitely a full coverage, oil-free and blendable foundation. I had very high hopes for this foundation as I had heard so many people raving about it. Because I live in the UK I had no idea of where I could get this foundation, so while I was in Brighton and wondered into Debenhams (link to buy this foundation here.) I was so excited too see a Too Faced stand that stocked this foundation. This was definitely handy because I was able to swatch the shades and find which one suits me best. There are only 12 shades available to buy in the UK but there is a shade for every skin tone. At £29 this foundation is a little on the pricey side but it is 100% worth it!

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