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Since I was younger I could never have a nice bath without the shower gel or the bath products irritating my skin and when my dad took me to Lush for the first time I fell in love! All of their products are cruelty free, handmade, vegetarian and organic. There are no microbeads in Lush products, all the exfoliates are naturals such as ground almonds, sea salt and even sugar. I suffer from a skin condition called Psoriasis and I have to be really careful with what I use on my skin and to make sure nothing irritates it, this is the reason why I love Lush as I have never had any problems with their products at all. I thought I would share with you a few things that I recently purchased from Lush. 

Bath Products.

Sex Bomb - "This bomb is made for lovin". This is described as being the bath bomb you need when you're feeling tired, stressed and anxious. It has lovely fragrants of jasmine, ylang ylang, and clary sage. Clary sage is said to clear the mind, while ylang ylang is renowned for soothing worries. I absolutely love this bath bomb, it has to be my all time favourite one and it is definitely the first one I pick up when I need to stock up on some more products. The smell of this bath bomb is amazing, and the little rose petals in the middle of melt out into your bath and feel so smooth and lovely to even rub on your skin haha! It's also very moisturising and leaves your bath looking a cool pink colour, what more could you want? This bath bomb is priced at £3.50 and I think that's an amazing price for this bath bomb. 

Avobath - "Feed the skin and the soul". This bath bomb is new to my collection, I have never seen or tried it before so I was excited to get into the bath and take a dip with it. According to Lush, this is best used in the morning because of the list of ingredients. It has lemongrass and bergamot oils that are supposed to pick you up whilst also tackling any dryness of the skin with avacado and olive oil. It also contains lustre which is said to a shimmering green effect to the water. This also contains mashed avacado and olive oil to tackle dehydration which is good for dry skin. I love the smell of this one and it also turns your bath green which is so fun! This bath bomb is also priced at £3.50.

Dragon's Egg  -  "Feel ready to soar". Dragon's egg makes bathtime so exciting, it changes the water to a lovely orangey gold colour which is strange considering how many other lovely colours are in this bath bomb. It has a smell of jasmine to as well as a hint of lemon. The citrus smell makes you feel so clean. This bath bomb also has disolvable confetti inside, so once it has been placed in the water and starts to fizz out then all of the fun coloured confetti starts to empty out into your bath! Again this leaves your skin feeling really soft and smelling like a citrus lemon for a long time. The price of this bath bomb is £3.75.

Big Blue - "Float your cares away" This bath bomb makes me feel like I'm by the sea and sitting on the beach. One of the ingredients in this is called arame seaweed which softens in the hot bath water. Arame is rich in vitamins and minerals such as iodine that helps to regulate the body's metabolism. The sea salt softens the skin which helps to remove dead skin cells, while lemon helps to clear the mind and also lavender oil which is very calming. This one turns your bath water blue and the smell is just amazing, I like to leave it in my room in a basket with my other bath bombs and my room smells heavenly! The seaweed does get all in your bath tub but if you can put the bath bomb in some sort of sock or cloth then that should help to stop the seaweed from getting all over your tub. Plus it leaves you smelling amazing for a long while. This bath bomb is priced at £3.50. 

Rose Jam Bubble Bar - "For a rosier mood and softer skin". This bubble bar has lemon, rose and geranium oil that will help to perk you up. There is also cocoa butter and shea butter in this bubble bar too which will leave you feeling gorgeous. Rose oil and rose absolute give that double dose of rosiness that helps to clear the mind and boost your mood. This is a stunning bubble bar that has a small amount of glitter and also a nice texture so it is easy to break apart. Again, this one turns your bath that lovely pink colour that everyone wants in their bath! Even though this has glitter, it does not leave your bath really glittery which I like. This bubble bar is priced at £3.95

The Comforter Bubble Bar - "Bury yourself under a fruity blanket". This a big bar so that you van break it into smaller pieces and run it under the running hot water. It is a fruity smelling bubble bar and it kind of smells like sweets, it is so fruity and sweet and it smells amazing, it is my favourite scent from lush. Cassis absolute gives a strong distinctive blackcurrent fragrance, while bergamot adds an uplifting note. This bubble bar also lasts for around 3-4 baths if you break it into smaller pieces. Again, this one turns your bath pink and gives you lots of bubbles! This is another one that I always pick up whenever I'm restocking, I just love the smell of this one so much. The price of this bubble bar is £4.95.

The Comforter Shower Cream - "Snug berry hug". So this is like The Comforter Bubble Bar but in a shower gel form and I love it. Aswell as the Christmas limited edition Snow Fairy shower gel this is my favourite, after you have a shower you smell like this gorgeous fruity ball of softness haha! The shower gel also has the same blackcurrent scent with assuring cypress esential oils, it is like being snuggled in a big hug. The prices on this vary depending on the size that you get, I normally get the 200g one which is £9.95 but this will last you a pretty long time as you don't need much at all

Creams & Face Masks.

Dream Wash - "Dream a little dream". I was so gutted when I was looking up the price and ingredients for this one to find that it is not in a cream form like the one in the photo. It is now in a hard soap form and it is now called DreamWash Roulade. The shower smoothie that I have is a luxurious soft shower soap that is filled with cooling calamine and soothing aloe vera gel. It is lovely to use if you have eczema or psoriasis like me and your skin gets itchy in the bath or shower, just scoop some of this out and lather it all over your skin and your skin instantly feels so much better. I'm pretty sure the bar version is the same as this but just in a solid form, so for that one you would just use it like a soap and rub it all over your skin until it lathers up. I can't remember how much my one cost but you can pick up the solid form one for just £5.95 for 100g.

Cup o' Coffee -  "Like it strong?" This is an exfoliating face mask that is inriched with roasted cocoa extract, vetivert and coriander oil combine to create an addictive fragrance. You just smooth this all over your face and body and leave it for around 10-15 minutes, I prefer to leave it a little longer to make sure that it is doing everything that it can to make my skin look and feel great. Once your ready, just wash off with warm water. When I used this for the first time and took it off my skin looked amazing, smooth and so refreshed, it was just what my skin needed. The smell of this is a little hit or miss, it's kind of like marmite, you either love it or hate. To be honest, I am not a massive fan of the smell but I don't mind it. It is slightly gloopy so you might want to apply this in the bathroom or over the sink where you can easily clean it up if you spill any. This face mask retails for £6.75 for 100g and £12.25 for 325g

You can get all of these products from a Lush shop near you or if you are lazy like me then you can order online from here.


 Have you tried any Lush products, what ones are your favourite

Caitlin x

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  1. They have so cute products, although I've never tried something from Lush! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow my blog there, I'll follow your blog back!!! https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/anna-alina-3947784

  2. You should definitely try something, it will change your life haha!
    Yeah sure thing.
    Caitlin x


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