Rimmel - The Only One Matte Lipstick


High coverage, full impact colour and a flawless matte finish in just one stroke... A new matte lipstick range by Rimmel London.

 Today we are going to be looking at the new The Only One Matte lipstick range from Rimmel London and I have to say I was so excited when I seen that this range had been brought out. If you know me then you know that I have been loving matte lipsticks recently so I don't need any excuses to try out a new one. They claim that the formula is non-drying and that it is comfortable to wear, very high coverage with just one stroke, glide on effortlessly, have a matte finish that lasts for hours. I have been trying this out for a while now and wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. 

I have only purchased the one shade as I wasn't sure how I would get on with these but I have to say that I found it really creamy to apply which lives up to what Rimmel say. The lipstick is very comfortable to wear but I can't say what other shades are like. It has a scent to it that is pretty difficult to describe, it is quite fruity and flowery at the same time. The scent does not bother me at all, it's not so strong that you want to take the lipstick off or that it gives you a headache, it's very subtle and quite nice actually. 
Like I was saying, I didn't pick up any other shades, but the one I was automatically drawn to was the shade 610 - High Flyer, it is a really pretty dusty pink shade and the pigmentation is amazing! I think it is lovely for everyday wear. There are overall 20 shades available that range from everyday nude colours to more bold, out there colours such as reds and even purple! After wearing this colour for a good few hours, I had to say that it did last long but not as long as some of my other matte lipsticks, but it does dry matte and does last for quite a while. 

Now, lets talk about the packaging and the price. I am IN LOVE with the packaging of this lipstick, it is similar to The Only One original lipsticks that had a sleek, shiny, black tube but for the matte range it is a matte red tube and I really do like it. I also like how they show the colour on the bottom of the tube too so you can see which colour you're picking up. I love looking at this lipstick in my lipstick holder and it stands out which makes you reach for it more, I see what you did there Rimmel. 
So this lipstick retails for £6.99 which I think is brilliant for a drugstore lipstick. However, it is currently on offer at Boots for £4.99 here. Overall, I think this is a fantastic new lipstick from Rimmel and I cannot wait to get my hands on some other shades to try out. 
Have you tried this lipstick yet? Do you love matte lipsticks as much as me? Let me know in the comments.
All my love
Caitlin x 

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  1. I'm so into dark colors for the lips right now so I definitely need to try this! It looks so flatering! thanks for sharing:D


    1. It is gorgeous! I'm going to pick up some more shades :) I hope you like it!

      Caitlin x


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