Garnier | Skin Active - Moisture Bomb Night Cream


 I have been on the hunt for a night cream for such a long time, I have tried out so many that didn't do anything for me or left a weird sticky feeling to my face even the next morning. I like to try and keep my skin care products to a minimum as I don't think that I need everything, just a few certain good products that do a great job and gain a permanent spot in my routine. I was so intrigued when I saw this in Superdrug and really wanted to try it out. The name 'moisture bomb' also sounded exactly what my skin needed in this cold weather, even though it hasn't been terribly cold here in the UK. When I first opened the box and pulled out the pot inside I thought mine was empty, it felt so light like there was nothing inside the pot. However, once I opened it there was quite a bit of product inside. 

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