Bourjois Rouge Velvet Liquid Lipstick | Review and Swatches


From L-R - 07 Nude-ist, 15 Red-Volution, 10 Don't Pink of It.

With liquid lipsticks taking over the world of beauty, what a better time to talk about a classic favourite of mine. Bourjois Rouge Velvet liquid lipsticks are one of the most exciting High Street beauty releases I have come across in a little while. Their Rouge Edition Velvet is a non-drying, intensely pigmented lip colour that feels as light as air to apply but has great lasting power. Think of them as a gorgeous intense pop of colour that has a lightweight texture and insane lasting power with a matte finish. So, let's jump straight into the review.

The Rouge Edition Velvet comes in an extensive colour range, but I have picked out my three favourites for different occasions - 2 everyday pinky - nude shades and a lovely blue toned red shade for a more party look. These make your lips the main focus of your face and look good with what ever eye makeup you do. I find that the matte finish of the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks gives bright colours are really modern twist, I wouldn't normally go for such a light pink, but it is so much easier to wear when it does not have that high shine finish to it. Below are my three favourite shades that I chose from the 19 shades in this range, Nude-ist - which is a pinky mauvey nude colour, Red-Volution - which is a blue toned red and Don't Pink of It - which is a lighter pinky nude shade. The name is slightly deceiving as 'velvet' would suggest that it is a lighter finish, but once these have dried down they are full on mattes, I am in love. 

Layering these liquid lipsticks is not a problem, you can put on as many coats as you like and it won't get flakey or messy at all. These also do not budge at all, I normally apply my lipstick around 8am and by 4pm after eating and drinking throughout the day it is still holding up well, I do need to apply a little more but they stay on all freaking day. They dry down really quickly too, even when applied over a lip liner, which again, is a plus because I hate waiting for a liquid lipstick to dry down fully. My favourite thing about these is that they are so comfortable to wear, they do not dry out your lips and suck all the moisture from them.  There is no weird outline around your lips like other lipsticks. It only took a makeup wipe to take it off which was also a plus as you're not having to scrub your lips raw to take it off. The applicators are also a people pleaser, as you can see from the photo above, they are nothing too fancy but the slight point of the nib ensures a precise application. If you are a liquid lipstick wearer, then I think that you will love these - they even have a 4.5 out 5 rating on MakeupAlley! This retails for £8.99 in Boots and Superdrug here in the UK, which is a little bit pricer than other high street liquid lipsticks. However, both shops do tend to do a lot of deals on them too, so if you are willing to take the plunge, the 3 for 2 offer is probably the best for your money as it will bring the price down to £5.99 each. In the product you get 7.7ml, so the product costs 85p per ml. Like I said these lipsticks are also in a different price bracket compared to NYX and Maybelline. You do get a lot of product in the tube, and they do last a long time as you don't need a lot of it to get a great colour payoff. 

The packaging is small and maybe a little chunky, its like a cuboid. It is easy enough to pop into your jacket pocket last minute or just throw into your handbag. Mine always live in my handbag as they are my go to lipsticks at the moment, and it's always handy to have them with me if I ever need to do a little top up. The lid is also the same colour as the shade inside so it is easy to find the right shade, also the main bottle seems to be a plastic glass type that has a decent amount of weight to it and it does not feel cheap. As you are using it and runs out you will be able to see how much is left, which is always handy because then you will know when to run out and buy another one! The name of the product on the bottle tends to wear off a little bit but not too much and in general the packaging is pretty and classy.  

Here are some swatches:

Top to Bottom - Don't Pink of It, Red-Volution and Nude-ist.

Overall, I absolutely love these liquid lipsticks, they have been my everday go to since I purchased them as they are so easy to put on and to wear. I don't have to worry about touching up throughout the day or if my lipstick has smudged on to my face haha! You can pick them up online from either Boots here, or Superdrug here.

Have you tried out these liquid lipsticks, what do you think? Also, what is your go to liquid lipstick? Let me know in the comments!

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