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The Body Shop has joined the Liquid Lipstick hype by releasing their new Matte Lip Liquids. These are "specially formulated to glide on effortlessly like a gloss and set with a rich creamy colour and velvet touch of matte lipstick. It is long-lasting, lightweight and lusciously soft. And is creulty-free and vegetarian with no gluten and no carmine." So let's get straight on into the review and see what my thoughts are on these lipsticks now that I have been trying them out for a little while.  

With liquid lipsticks being probably one of the most biggest beauty trends of that past year, many more affordable high street and drugstore brands are getting on board and releasing their own liquid lipstick. When I think about The Body Shop, I think about skincare and the amazing smells that comes with all the body butters and shower gels. I don't immediately think of makeup when I think about them but fool me as their makeup is actually really good! The newest launch is the Matte Lip Liquids and something that if done well, could make everyone venture to their nearest Body Shop to pick one up. I didn't even know that they had released these until I popped in there to grab something for my mum for Mother's Day so of course when I seen them I jumped at the chance to pick one up to test out and it was also 3 for 2 on the makeup so how could I not? These seemed to have just sprung on to the market and if you put the words 'matte liquid lipstick' in the same sentence then you can guarentee that I would be interested! 
There are 12 shades in this range to choose from and I originally picked up one and then went back for another, I got Crete Carnation and Nairobi Camellia. I expected Crete Carnation to be more of a nude colour but it does come out more of a pinky peachy nude, but it is still absolutely gorgeous. Nairobi Camellia is more of a pink, mauve shade and it is definitely my shade in general and I wear it nearly everyday now. I know my shades are the plain nude colours but there are more brighter pinks and purples in this shade range too. Some of the more brighter colours didn't swatch as pigmented as the more lighter nude shades, so I wouldn't know if they went on the same on the lips. These are definitely quite similar to the very well known and loved NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. The colour range is definitely not as extensive as the NYX ones but it is still a solid range with a colour for pretty much everyone and every occasion. I think that The Body Shop have definitely taken some inspiration from the NYX ones in more ways that one, even the packaging looks slightly similar.

One of the first things you might notice is that not only the packaging looks like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams but also the formula is a little bit the same too. The NYX ones have not been my absolute favourite formula but the formula of these have the similar mouse-like texture but these are slightly thicker and definitely a little more comfortable to wear. The actual formula of these is really smooth. You can see that there isn't much product on the applicator and that is because of how mousse like this is rather than a liquid. When applying this there is no drag on the lips with the classic easy doe foot applicator and the formula being very velvetty and soft to the touch. Also, when you smack your lips together there is absolutely no stickiness once this has dried down. As the name says they are matte lipsticks but they take a few minutes to dry down completely matte and when they do they don't dry down to the hard rigid matte like some others do. These leave your lips feeling nourished and not like the moisture has been sucked out of them. These don't really transfer that much at all, only a little bit, and I had noticed that after you have eaten or had a drink then it transfers a little more than it did before. This lipstick does not go patchy at all once you have applied it, but my to make sure I always use a lip liner underneath to make sure my lipstick doesn't go anywhere. You can also layer this without it going all flakey or caking up and not drying down and they last such a long time too, around 4 hours before you have to re-apply, depending on if you eat and drink a lot in that time. 
The shade Nairobi Camellia is a warm, nudey pink shade. I love how this shade looks on my skin tone and it is my go to colour for every day. This would definitely suit a lot of skin tones as its not too light or too dark. It applies evenly and doesn't look streaky. 
The shade Crete Carnation is a warm, peachy nude shade. This definitely has a peach undertone and looks gorgeous on its own but you can also layer this on top of another shade to make it a little lighter. Again, this is a perfect shade for day time and every day wear and would look gorgeous on everyone. You need to apply a little more of this to get desired pigmentation. 
This liquid lipstick comes in a non-transparent tube that has the colour that resembles the shade it contains inside. The handle has a velvet matte black finish, which can get dirty pretty quickly. The tube has 8ml of product inside and either has white or black details, depending on how dark the shade is in the bottle. All the shades have a sweet candy scent, which makes me think of the Love Heart sweets you get (bonus).

Left - Nairobi Camellia, Right - Crete Carnation.

Overall, The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquids are a happy addition to my collection. I love how they dry into a soft and velvet finish without being sticky or sucking all the moisture from my lips. I have definitely used these every day since purchasing them and will have to go back and pick up some other shades to try out. These are so affordable with them being £6 each and if you are on the lookout for a liquid lipstick that does not make your lips feel like they're about to fall off then I would highly recommend popping down to your local store and checking these out, or you can pick them up online here.

What is your favourite brand of liquid lipstick?

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  1. These look really nice, they look super creamy and soft.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. They are so creamy and really comfortable to wear!

      Caitlin x


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