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L'Oreal claims that this primer instantly transforms skin texture that results in a matte finish and velvet-soft touch. It is supposed to mattify the skin, prepare and smooth the skin by minimising imperfections, pores and shine and instantly transform the skins texture for an even surface with velvet-soft touch. They also claim that foundations will glide seamlessly across it. So, lets see if all of these claims are true and get straight into the review.

A few months ago I picked up the L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer on a 3 for 2 deal in Sperdrug. I decided to pick it up after I had read a good amount of reviews on it and I really wanted to try it out. I also love their Infallible foundation range too, so what better than to have a foundation/primer duo that works perfectly together. I have experimented with a few different drugstore primers before and some left me a little dissapointed as they didn't do what I was hoping for, so I was hoping that this one would be of better quality and really wow me. Like I mentioned before, this product is described as being a priming base gel that mattifies the skin. L'Oreal also claim that it is a never greasy, all day comforting base that enhances the look of your makeup. I have been using this for about a month or so now as I like to try primers out with my different favourite foundations to see how it works with different textures, coverage etc. I can honestly say that this is probably the best drugstore primer I have used in a long time.

The consistency of this primer is a somewhat thick, silky gel that instantly mattifies the skin. With it being so thick you would expect it to look cakey or clog your pores but it does not do that at all. I followed the instructions and dabbed a few little dots of the product over my face and it instantly gave me a more even-textured skin, whilst covering my pores. The primer felt light on my skin and was easily applied and it appeared to give my skin a matte look without it feeling or looking dry and left my skin looking super soft and comfortable. It did leave my skin a little silky but if you just leave it to settle in for a few moments then it soaks into the skin. On the several occasions that I checked my makeup during the day, it looked pretty perfect, my foundation hadn't broken up around my nose or on my forehead where it normally does. After a whole day of wearing my makeup, it looked great with only a little shine on my forehead, chin and nose, which is where I normally get a little oily during the day. I did notice that the shine wasn't as bad as it is with some other primers I use. This primer definitely gives you a longer lasting look during the day and keeps your makeup in place. I always set my foundation and concealer with a loose powder however, if you don't like to use a powder then you could gently dab a little of this primer over your makeup to eradicate any shine throughout the day. Even though the packaging says you can't do this, I did try it and it definitely helped to eliminate the shine on my forehead during the day.

This primer comes at such a great price too, only £8.99 from Boots and Superdrug and it is the perfect primer for everyday wear. It is such good quality for a drugstore primer and could be easily compared to more higher-end primers. This definitely blew me away with how well it worked and I now use it everyday with many different foundations, no matter what foundation I use I can always rely on this primer doing a fantastic job and keeping my makeup in place all day. 

What is your favourite drugstore primer? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. great post ... have a nice day :)

  2. Loved this post! I've got the Infallible mattifying foundation, but haven't tried the primer yet. Next time I'm in Boots, I'll have to pick this one up! Recently I've been using the Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer, which does a great job of blurring pores and mattifying skin.
    Gemma xx

    1. Thank you! I have that foundation too and absolutely love it, I feel like the primer and that foundation combined are amazing! Oh, I might have to check that one out :)

      Caitlin xx


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