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Okay, so I know that this stuff isn't new, everyone goes on about it, magazines feature it, celebrities talk about it, makeup artists use it and it is easy to be swept away by all the excitement that might come with owning something so highly raved about. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream has been in existence since 1930 (yep, that long!) and it is now used by people all over the world. It claims to "soothe, restore, calm, and help to relieve chapped, cracked, dry skin. Soothes roughness, redness, and minor skin irritations." It is believed to be used as a lip balm, cheek shine and to also help with sunburn and there is a reason that this product is well loved... it's really that good.

Elizabeth Arden's ever-so famous Eight Hour Cream was created in the 1930s and was originally used to treat her horses and she soon noticed just how beneficial the cream was for people too and the rest is history! The Eight Hour Cream was a complete mystery to me up until last year and I was so intrigued as to what all the fuss was about. I had read so many amazing reviews about it, every makeup artist and beauty editor was raving about how much of a must-have it is. I have to admit, this product was bought just for the hype initally, as I was so curious about what was so amazing about it, do I regret spending my money on it? Not at all! 
This Skin Protectant is a little weird smelling, thick gooey orange balm that comes out of a tube. Some people love the smell of this and some others cannot stand it, I don't actually mind the smell of it too much anymore, I did at first but you definitely get used to it after a while. Eight hour cream's appeal lies more in the way it performs, it is ultra protecting and soothing despite the strong smell. It is brilliant for chapped lips, minor parts of sunburn (tip of the nose etc) and even little cuts or scrapes. I mainly use this on my lips at night time and around my nose in the winter when it get cold. It moisturises and repairs my lips like no other lip balm can, it leaves them feeling plump and renewed after a good night's sleep with is applied quite liberally. It doesn't sting or feel too sticky and it lasts all night, I wake up with some of it still left on my lips! It has become my go to lip balm whenever my lips need a little loving and I put it on every night to make sure my lips stay hydrated and ready to any lipstick I might apply in the morning. I also blob some of this all around my nose in the winter when my skin is cracked and chapped and within a day it has been soothed and healed!

This Skin Protectant retails for £26 on the Elizabeth Arden website, £25 on the Superdrug website. The price might seem a little steep for just a 50ml tube, but it actually lasts a very, very, very long time. I use it daily and have done now for 7 months and it looks like it hasn't even been squeezed! It is completely worth every single penny and it is a product that I would highly recommend everyone to try it out but definitely have a smell of it first to see if you like the original one with the strong fragrance or not. 

Have you tried this Eight Hour Cream? How do you like it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have heard so many people talk about this, and it sounds amazing! Great review!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. It truly is amazing, has saved my lips completely! I can't live without it now. Thank you lovely!

      Caitlin xx

  2. Great post, Dear! ♥

    Soslu Badem by Dilek


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