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Are you searching for an all-in-one eyeshadow palette that can cover day time looks, night time looks and that has warm and cool toned shades? Then look no further. Makeup Revolution introduced their sister company/brand a little while back called Freedom Professional London. I was in my local Superdrug a little while ago when I seen a smaller stand than usual that had Freedom Makeup on it and I was instantly intrigued but also wondered why the stand was so small and also standing on its own. I went home and had a browse online to see if I could find a website and I came across TAM Beauty which is an online website that sells Makeup Revolution & Freedom makeup, this is where I discovered that they were sister brands. I absolutely love Makeup Revolution's eyeshadow palettes and have reviewed a few here on my blog, so I thought that their sister brand's eyeshadow palettes might have similar or even better quality so I picked up this one that caught my eye. This is the Freedom Today's Tonight Eyeshadow Palette and let's jump right into the review.

When I first received this palette I was actally really impressed with the quality of the packaging as it is made of a black sturdy plastic that is also extra shiny (taking photos were a nightmare!). The packaging reminds me of the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes and they're pretty sturdy too and have gone through a lot in my care haha! Today's Tonight Eyeshadow Palette has 20 eyeshadows that range from a pearl, shimmer to matte finish. I was soo surprised by the shade range, it has a lot of neutral colours, warm colours, neutral browns, shades of grey, pink - rosey shades and also black, purple and mauve colours too. This palette has every colour that you could want in an every day palette and also a night time palette and that makes it so versaitle. You can create so many different looks with this palette without even needing to grab another eyeshadow or palette.

The pigmentation is really good when I swatched them for the first time on my arm and they were pretty hard to get off with a makeup wipe and micellar water. I was even more impressed by the quality of the eye shadows when I first tried them on my eyes. Actually, I was quite shocked because they ended up being better than my Makeup Revolution eye shadows! They have a really buttery texture to them and the matte shades are sooo pigmented and blend out so easily that is quite unheard of from drugstore eye shadows and also seems too good to be true considering how affordable this palette was! Some of the shimmery shades in this palette also feel creamy and not even powders anymore. They are just so buttery and smooth and sort of wet to the touch (these are the shimmer shades I swatched below). 
Like I mentioned the matte shades blend out really well, whereas some of the glittery shades kind of loose a little pigmentation with blending. For the shades that are really shimmery and creamy is almost better to pack them on the lid with your fingers instead of a brush as the brush can 'spread' the product instead of packing it onto the lid. Matte shades are obviously slightly more powdery and crumbly but they almost don't give any fallout and the same goes for the shimmery, creamier shades too. Some of the shimmer shades have bigger chunks of glitter that have more glitter fallout such as the shimmery black shade and you will need to be careful with them. The darker shadows do swatch slightly more pigmented than the lighter cream, champagne shades but trust me when I say that all of these shadows are very, very pigmented and have great colour payoff on the eyes even without an eyeshadow primer. All the shadows wear really well throughout the day and don't get into the creases of the eye, I can wear these for 12 hours and they still look just as good as they did when I first applied them.

This eyeshadow palette retails for £6 on the TAM Beauty website but it is currently on offer for just £3 (half price) which is a total bargain for the great quality of the eyeshadows and how many you get in one palette! I will definitely be looking out for any other eyeshadow palettes that they come out with that catches my eye if they are as good as this one. I've recommended this to all of my makeup loving friends as I think this is a palette everyone needs in the makeup collection. 

Have you tried this palette, what do you think? Also, what is your favourite everyday eyeshadow palette? Let me know in the comments!

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