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So this blog post is a little different compared to other ones I have done. I didn't want my blog to be all about beauty, I wanted to throw in some lifestyle and maybe some fashion posts too. This post is about my trip down to Brighton for the week. I am fortunate to have my auntie who lives there and she offered me and my mum to stay in her house and cat sit for the week while she was on holiday. Every summer for the past 6 years we have gone down to Brighton for a week and every year it gets harder and harder to come back home. This July, me and mum packed up my car and started off on our 3 hour drive down to Brighton!

One of the things we wanted to do this year was explore more. My mum is very much into photography and absolutely loves taking photos, she has also given me permission to use some of her photos for this blog post as I didn't get to have the camera all week haha! I thought I would write about all the things we did and the places we went to in Brighton that you have to check out!

1 - The Royal Pavilion. 

A quirkly, random facet of Brighton is that right in the middle of town just down passed the lanes is the Royal Pavilion that honestly looks like it belongs in India and not in England. It was built as the seaside pleasure palace for King George IV over 200 years ago. I love it so much, it is flamboyant and over the top but that is what makes it perfect for Brighton. There is also gardens around the pavilion where you can sit down and have a picnic if you like or to just chill out and take in the gorgeous scenery. On the Sunday me and mum took a walk around the Royal Pavilion and there was this man with a guitar who was busking, it was 10am in the morning but it made me so happy, it's one of my favourite things about Brighton. We decided to sit down on the grass and watch the squirrels and the seagulls haha! It was such a gorgeous day too so it was perfect.  

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion

2 - The Lanes & Quadrophenia Alley

The lanes are probably one of the most popular attraction in Brighton, everyone who has gone to Brighton has always mentioned taking a walk down the lanes and seeing all of the amazing and quirky vintage shops. I love going down the Lanes and we always have to pop into Choccywoccydoodah and have a look around. They have recently moved and now they have a bigger shop downstairs and a cafe upstairs (bonus!), there is also a seperate little seating area that you can hire out for parties which I think is such a nice little touch! I could spend hours just wondering around the Lanes, getting lost and going into all the stores and spending waaaay too much money. One place that we didn't know about is Quadrophenia Alley, if you don't know what this is, it is an alley down the Lanes where a famous (and naughty) scene from the film Quadrophenia was filmed. You can head down they alley and people have wrote quotes from the film and their names on the wall. My mum's friend Gary had asked us to go find it and take a photo for him so that's what we did. I'm also going to leave our Brighton Vlog down below so you can go and watch that and see all of the fun things that my mum and I got up to while we were in Brighton. 

3 - The Beach!

Another one of my favourite things about Brighton is the beaches. Brighton beach is always crazy busy but also so pretty and there are many things to do down there. However, if you go further along the sea front to Hove beach then you are greeted with so many colourful beach huts and also The Lagoon. We took a walk along Hove beach one evening and also strolled down towards Millonaire's Row, which is a row of houses right on the beach that celebrities buy and to be honest, if I had the money I would buy one too! 

Photo taken by Tracy Taylor

Photo taken by Tracy Taylor

 4 - The Pier

When in Brighton you can't not take a walk on the Pier! I'm not generally a big fan of piers or boadwalks etc as I get a fear that I am going to fall in haha! That being said, Brighton Pier is such a fun spot to visit and I am a fan of walking up and down it, especially when the sun is shining. There is an arcade on the pier which is fun to go to but be careful, you could end up spending hours in there playing on the 2p machines haha. Another reason I love the pier is that it looks like something from a different age. I can just picture women walking around with parasols back in the day and little boys and girls eating candy floss. If you head further down the beach then you can see the remains of the old pier that someone set fire to in 2003, which is so sad!

 5 - The Marina

Brighton Marina is an artificial Marina that was built almost 40 years ago and has become the largest Marina complex in Britain. There are apartments down there that are for rent/sale and I think you would be god damn lucky to be able to afford one of these and also, could you imagine the view?! Down on the waterfront part there are a lot of resturants that you can go to and you are also able to sit outside and watch the boats go in and out the Marina. There is a Nandos, Zizzis, Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, McDonald's etc down there. Me and my mum decided to have lunch at Zizzi's which was really nice and we got to sit out and watch the boats while we ate our lunch. I would definitely reccomend heading on down there for lunch or dinner as it is such a lovely place and the walk around the boardwalk is amazing too! Just be aware, it can get a little bit windy haha.

Photo taken by Tracy Taylor

Overall, Brighton is such a fun, quirky place to visit. The town is so colourful, uplifting, bright and just an all round happy place to be. If you are ever lucky enough to go to Brighton for either the day, a long weekend or even a week then you should check out all the places that I have mentioned and you won't be dissapointed at all, I promise! If you would like to see all of the things that me and mum got up to the week we were in Brighton then watch our Brighton vlog that is down below! 

What are your favourite places to go to in Brighton?

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