L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara - Review


When this mascara was first released in stores I literally snatched it off the shelves and ran to the counter and threw my money at the lady! I just could not contain my excitement as I am always on the hunt for a good drugstore mascara.
 L’Oreal claims : ” It’s time to say bye-bye to boring lashes and hello to new Miss Baby Roll Mascara, for mega volume, curl and all-day hold. Our Mega Curl Roller Brush curls lashes from the root, for an instant lash lift! The Quick Mega Volume formula volumises lashes and holds them in a curl all day. 

When it comes to mascara I have to admit I have serious commitment issues. How can you just stick with one tube when you know there's another one out there? Another mascara just waiting to give you your biggest, thickest lashes yet. I have to admit, I do have a hard time finding the right mascara for me. 

Formula & Application

The one thing that I noticed about this mascara is that it dries down very quickly. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your outlook - on the one hand, it can get a little clumpy if you don't work fast enough. On the other hand, you can put your mascara on really quickly and be out the door without having to wait ages for it to dry and any mistakes are easily removed almost straight away by using a cotton bud. I don't tend to put on more than one coat, sometimes two, but I noticed that one coat gives me plenty of volume quickly with minimal clumping. I will say this though, the mascara can make small bunches of your lashes stick together, especially if you don't comb them all through properly. It does however, help my lashes to hold a curl throughout the day and I don't have to use eyelash curlers. 

There are 5 shades in the Miss Baby Roll mascara range. I personally don't think I could pull off coloured mascaras, so I just picked up the black version. However, I think the colours are soo cool and would be perfect for costume/halloween makeup looks! 


The packaging of this mascara is beautiful of course, anything pastel is perfect in my books and it instantly gets my attention haha! I love the pale pink and mint green/blue and I would probably love it even more if the whole tube was the same too but that's just me being picky. This mascara is the same shape tube as the rest of the 'miss' range that L'Oreal sell. It is easy to use and comfortable to hold when applying the mascara. Another one of my favourite things is the click shut that helps to avoid it drying up which is a big plus!

The wand itself I think is really unique as I have never owned a mascara with such a defined spiral, which I think adds to the retro vibe. I like to wiggle and stroke my mascara across my lashes and I also like to 'roll' the wand so that all my lashes are being covered. 


I've probably wore this mascara for about 15/16 hours at most and I have to admit that it has lasted all day and the curl didn't drop at all, I didn't even notice any smudges under my lower lash line, but for a whole day of 16 hours of laughing, wind, rain and watery eyes, a little smudging would normally be expected. It kept it's vibrant black colour all day long with no fading and there wasn't any sign of flaking either. The volume of this mascara honestly beats so many that I've tried before. I actually enjoy doing my mascara in the morning and could probably spend half my time on mascara and I don't mind one bit haha.


One thing that is great when it comes to this mascara is the removal - I always use my trusty Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water as I find that that is the best at getting all of my makeup off and it breaks down makeup easily with minimal rubbing. So, taking off my mascara is super easy and doesn't hurt my eyes and only takes a few seconds.


These seems to be on the cheaper side of L'Oreal mascaras retailing at £7.99 and you can pick these up from Boots and Superdrug. I have to admit that this mascara is fantastic for the price!


All in all, I am personally so impressed with this mascara, I have read some reviews where people have been dissapointed with this but I have to admit I don't know why. I will definitely continue to use this because of how much I love it and how it curls my lashes as well as giving them soo much volume. 

Have you tried this L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara?

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  1. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)
    Soslu Badem by Dilek ...

  2. Everybody seems to love this mascara, but it didn't work for me at all which is a shame, I'm letting it dry up a little and then going back to it and hoping that makes a difference! Glad you love it xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Aw no, I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I did notice I liked mine a little more once it had dried up a little! I hope if works for you. Thank you :))

      Caitlin xx


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